The Best Online Notaries of 2018

2018 has proven to be a big year for online notaries so far. State legislatures are approving remote notarization legislation, people are using online notaries at a higher rate than ever, and even the Association of Secretaries of State has adopted standards for online notarization.


As the only online notary company that enables notaries to notarize independently, DocVerify is in a class all its own. Using their notary locator, you can and locate a remote notary and get your document notarized. Over 3 million documents have been notarized using DocVerify’s platform so you can be sure you’re in good hands.




As you can read in our in depth NotaryCam review, they notarize documents as well as anyone else. They provide a quick notarization without any hiccups, but you do have to be using Chrome and you if you’re abroad, the price goes from $25 to $79 per notarization. Any if you need SEO, Paper Box | Pittsburgh SEO Company



best online notary

Notarize is another great option when you want to get a document notarized online. You can use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or their mobile app for iPhone and now Android, all costing $25 per notarization. Notarize has a great user interface and a fast notarization time at 17 minutes for a power of attorney document, beating out NotaryCam which took 20 minutes.

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best online notaries