Notarize Online Notary Review

Notarize, Inc.


Notarize is one of the most popular online notaries and currently the only one with the ability to notarize documents using a mobile app. They’ve notarized more than 10,000 people’s documents in the U.S and abroad. 

For this review, I got a power of attorney document notarized with them. Read on to see how it went.

What it’s like using Notarize

Notarize’s interface is clean, fast and very easy to navigate. To begin, I made an account with them and was stepped through the process I’d be going through. At any point, I could chat with support staff by clicking on the icon in the lower left hand corner.

I filled out a form with my personal details and entered my method of payment. (You don’t pay until after the document is notarized though.) I then confirmed my personal information and to further validate my identity, I answered some questions about myself. The questions were formed using information taken from the public record.

Rating:  10/10

The Good

Notarize’s user world class interface makes their online notarization process smooth, fast and worry-free.

The Bad

Both your and the notary’s signature appears as blue in the final notarized document. If you’re someone who cares about this, consider yourself warned.


Notarize provides a seamless way to get a document notarized online and is a great option for any type of notarization, especially if you want to use a mobile device to do so.

Fast Facts





Approximate Duration

17 minutes

Required Browser

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

I was then able to print my name, my initials, the date or anything else on the document using their incredibly intuitive annotation program. When that was completed, I was instructed to take a picture of my ID using my webcam, which, like everything else so far, was very simple to do.

After that, I was instructed to wait for the notary. 30 seconds later, she showed up on the video chat and gave me thorough instructions on how the signing process works. The notary and I both signed the document in “blue ink” because there were no other options. It didn’t bother me, but if you’d prefer another color signature, that’s something to keep in mind.

After the signing, the notary bid me farewell and 30 seconds later, I was able to download, email or print my notarized document on the spot. I was also automatically emailed the document and payment receipt. The entire process from start to finish took 17 minutes.

A Glimpse into Notarize

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