The Best Online Notaries of 2017

As we near the end of year, it’s time we look back at the best online notaries of 2017. To be honest, there aren’t that many to choose from as this is still a relatively new industry, but two stuck out this year as above the rest.


Best Online Notaries



NotaryCam is a reliable online notary that is on the forefront of what you can do online. In 2017, they completed their first successful mortgage closing completely online. NotaryCam is available 24/7 and has notarized for more than 60,000 customers and in 70 different countries.

Their pricing is standard at $25 for a domestic notarization and $79 for international notarization. Truly one of the best online notary companies, NotaryCam makes the process easy and possible to do in under 20 minutes.


Notarize, Inc.


Notarize is one of the top online notaries of 2017 for a few reasons.

  1. It has the smoothest process of all online notaries
  2. They allow you to notarize a document on your phone through their app
  3. It is the fastest online notary we tried, with the whole process taking 17 minutes.

Notarize is a great option for anyone needing a document notarized online, but be sure to check if your document is able to be notarized online.

Check out NotaryCam and Notarize for yourself below.

               Notarize, Inc.

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