SafeDocs Online Notary Review

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SafeDocs specializes in enterprise enotary solutions for businesses but they also offer online notarizations for individuals. 

For the purposes of this review, I got a power of attorney document notarized. Let’s how SafeDocs fared against the competition.

What it’s like using SafeDocs

Like all online notaries, I started off by entering some basic personal information about myself, making an account and uploading my scanned document. After that, I was surprised to find I was already ready to connect with the notary. Following a two-minute wait time, I began the video conference with the notary.

Rating:  7/10

The Good

The notaries are helpful and the final notarized document is on par with any other online notary.

The Bad

The notarization process was held up with a handful of technical road blocks and the interface was not as easy to navigate as SafeDoc’s competitors.


While SafeDocs provides the same final product at the same price as other online notaries, the process is not as smooth the hours of operation not as flexible.

Fast Facts


Domestic – $25

International – $75


Monday-Friday and on weekends by appointment

Approximate Duration

32 minutes

Required Browser

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

I found the interface of SafeDocs quite clunky. The notary appeared in a big pop up window that I had to constantly move so it wouldn’t be blocking what I had to do. And there were a handful of other technical difficulties that I didn’t experience with other online notaries. One example of this is that I was instructed to email a picture of my driver’s license to the notary’s personal email address because she couldn’t get a sufficient picture of it by me holding it up to my webcam. There were other instances that made the process less smooth, although the notary was helpful throughout.

SafeDocs is different from other online notaries in that if you didn’t, for example, print your name or write the date, the notary will fill those parts out for you. Having the notary do this takes longer but obviously takes less effort on the user’s part. (You’ll still have to sign and initial yourself of course.)

Something you have to do with SafeDocs that you don’t with other notaries is record yourself taking an oath that you are who you say you are and you’re signing the document of your own free will, and then you listen back to the recording. They make this easy, but having to do it in the first place slowed down the notarization process, and an error causing the camera to start and stop recording for several minutes afterward caused some confusion.

To finish up, I paid the $25 fee in the same window as the notarization took place and immediately received an email receipt. A couple minutes later, my document was available for download right there.

A Glimpse into SafeDocs

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